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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is with great gratitude and enthusiasm, we announce the release of our Winter 2021, 3rd issue of Digital Dentistry & Healthcare Knowledge (DDHK) Magazine! Extensive work is involved behind the scenes when creating an issue. Never is it taken for granted, the learning experience we encounter through collaborating with the versatile minds of those integrally involved.

We hope that everyone is staying active and safe as you continue to gain and spread knowledge with one another! The COVID-19 pandemic has produced unprecedented challenges in the new way we function in our everyday lives. Read articles from Dr. Manuela Rodrigues and Randi Sachetta who provided tips on, “Mindfulness at the Dental Clinic” and ways on, “Finding Your Center.” Many have taken the current times, as an opportunity to revisit the way we operate and have overcome several of the obstacles faced, as a result of the impacts from this virus. Implementations of patient safety workflows, access to dental treatment, medical services, traveling, interaction with one another, and participation of events continue to progress.

Thank you to the contributing authors who took the initiative and reached out to our editorial team! You provided us with the most cutting-edge material to share with our readers! I was fascinated by the rapid speed of action taken by industry leaders who are currently pushing technology to the limits; very much needed during these times! Vincent Silva, CEO and Founder of Virtual Healthcare Systems (VHS) and his team played a huge role in allowing me to fully immerse myself in Virtual Reality’s (VR) dental and healthcare industry learning environments. In order to excite the DDHK board members and our readers, I needed to experience VR for myself! Linda Nguyen, Executive Administrator of VHS is Vincent’s right hand and can easily walk through even the most technology challenged individual or team on Virtual Reality. Dr. August de Oliveira gave the DDHK Magazine team a tour of his dental office and a background on the tools and resources being used in his practice. Hope you too can capture his funny personality from the, “On the Scene” page and through his article, “Virtual Insanity in Dentistry.” Virtual Reality is anything but new to SurfCT! Enjoy reading the article from Paul Vigario, CEO and Founder of SurfCT and Juan Estrada, SurfCT’s Digital Workflow Engineer as you, “Discover What’s Possible When Everything is Connected.” Shannon Sommers and Alicia Webb gave us great insights on, “3D Printing in Dentistry” their excitement and involvement keeps us curious as to what their next project will include. Dr. Mayra Torres Vasques continues to impress us with how well she uses technology during COVID times, as she shared on, “The Use of 3D Printing for Distance Learning Training in Dentistry.” I have to say Dr. Varo Boyer’s article on, “3D Printed Surgical Guides Same Day Tooth Replacement in the Aesthetic Zone” was quite impressive! Dr. Boyer submitted the most organized and detailed article I have ever come across and he was great to work with during the entire process, thank you! Hope to catch one of his lectures! Be sure to check out the interview with Toothpick, “Your Dental Eco-System” and download their app. Looking forward to the ease of ordering supplies and registering for courses offered through this app at the most affordable pricing! A huge shoutout to Christopher Owens for his commitment and persistence on keeping our team and readers up to date through social media! Graphic Designer, Nikki Harrison has been a major support to our publication with her creativity in graphic designs and ability to work seamlessly with the team. When Nikki and I interact “it’s crunch time!”

It is rewarding to see our editorial board members’ interest grow intensely through their involvement of this publication. I am truly humbled and pleased with their services and willingness to help whenever needed. It is a pleasure to share their accomplishments, wisdom, and skillset in collaboration with the contributing authors. This type of involvement has allowed us to positively spread Digital Dentistry & Healthcare Knowledge worldwide. Our growth and adventure will continue to carry on, as we gather information and resources to share the most forefront technologies and solutions with our readers.

Please visit our website at www.DDHKMagazine.com to sign up for our newsletter, access previous issues, and check out our online store where you can purchase quality intraoral suction units that I personally use and approve! The anxiety of your patients and staff will ease knowing the high level of additional infection prevention measures have been implemented in your practice!

Hope you enjoy the journey!

All my best,

Kristy A. Montoya – Editor in Chief

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