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“What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There”

One of the world best success coaches, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, is credited with the above quote in his book1 of the same name. According to him, there are behaviors that stop you from achieving even more success. Unfortunately, plenty of leaders hold on to awful character traits and unhelpful behaviors. Some just don’t want to grow and expand especially in our rapidly changing world.

Not to be a “Debbie downer”. This even applies in our dental profession. The ongoing pandemic did not stop the expansion of knowledge and new techniques. With digital dentistry, as well as, newer technologies and materials, biting at our heals, many are fighting hard just to keep up.

Just as important, serving our patients health needs is swiftly advancing at a revolutionary pace. Vital to that growth, our own physical well being is being challenged. For that reason, we have created a SPECIAL ISSUE focused on the “other side” of DDHK –Healthcare- to bring our readers some of the “best and brightest” educators to expand your knowledge and give you access to insights and concepts to extend the lives of our patients and the dedicated dental professionals who serve them.

Here’s what we have in store for you to expand your thinking and care:

Eric Pulver will give you a deep understanding use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) will help support accurate comprehensive care in a fast-paced world, and a potential gamechanger not just in the future—but now.

Christian Hahn demonstrates why zirconia implants are more biocompatible than traditional titanium ones.

Katrina and Elizabeth Sanders speak eloquently on the dental and medical professions are in a position to synergize and help improve diagnosis rates and save many lives ------just by thinking “big picture” and not “shoulding” on ourselves and our patients.

Jeff Horowitz, our expert on sleep disordered breathing, will show you how the dental profession is in a position to collaborate with our medical counterparts by adding new protocols to any office can be both disruptive, and at times cannibalize the strengths and services of successful practices.

Peter Greenlaw, book author, will elaborate in detail about how nutrition is more critical than ever in slowing the aging process and fighting the expansion of toxins in our environment that ultimately can challenge our body’s energy and survival.

I challenge each of you to deeply read this new edition more than once and share this with your teams and patients. Even better, explore, expand, and implement some (if not all) of these strategies.

You and those around you will be grateful for your commitment.

To our and our patients’ mutual success,

Dr. Hugh Flax – Guest Editor

Now available in the Bookstore! - DDHK Magazine Vol 2, Issue 2 Summer 2021

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