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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It brings us great pleasure to release our 2nd issue of Digital Dentistry & Healthcare Knowledge (DDHK) Magazine! We continue to be inspired by the everchanging world of digital dentistry and enjoy pushing the boundaries. We are continuing our venture into the depths of technology which has elevated a curiosity and enthusiasm from our readers worldwide. I am not able to express enough gratitude towards the talented and passionate superstar members of our editorial board. Each strive to master their abilities by spreading knowledge and proven workflow efficiencies, influencing their peers who also appreciate the art of creating healthy beautiful smiles! I am blessed to work alongside some of the most talented, inspirational, dedicated, and kindhearted professionals in the dental world.

It is amazing how rapidly technology has transformed the way we practice dentistry today, especially during these unprecedented times. Now more than ever, we encourage one another to share best practices as new workflows are being developed and monitored in this ever-changing world. The new standard of care has ultimately taken us to a higher level of awareness and implementation when it comes to infection prevention.

Visualize as you read through this issue, how many dentists are operating today with the use of virtual communication through photography, teledentistry, artificial intelligence, and remote monitoring. Valuable information is being shared with you in hopes to provide ideas on how you too can ease the fear of patients, staff and their families due to the uncertainties brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic, as we face the “new norm”. Implementation of before nonexistent protocols can be performed without compromising quality and communication between the patient, dentist, and lab. This allows dentists to provide treatment solutions that fit the requirements and demands of their patients!

Visit our website at www.ddhkmagazine.com to sign up for our newsletter and/or to download a copy of a previous issue. While you are there, check out our online store! We will begin to sell products that benefit your practice! Interested in involving our board members with beta testing or having us attend your event? Email us at info@ddhkmagazine.com.

Stay safe and hope to see you soon!

All my best,

Kristy A. Montoya

Now available in the Bookstore! - DDHK Magazine Issue 2, September 2020

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